Richard Dirc Pitt

the author

Richard Dirc Pitt is an exceptional individual with a remarkable background that fuels the intensity and authenticity of his writing. With vast experience as a pilot for United Airlines, including being an instructorat the esteemed Flight Training Center in Denver, Richard has accumulated over 11,500 hours as a pilot in-command. He has been entrusted with the responsibility of flying Air Force C-130 planes globally, showcasing his prowess in the aviation field.Richard has mastered the skies and delved into the world of extreme sports, earning himself a place in the Guinness Book of World Records (1985 edition). With an astounding 2,163 skydives under his belt, Richard’s jump off the highest fixed-base object in the world, Angel Falls in Venezuela—a breathtaking 3,212 feet—was captured on film by his own movie studio crew. The incredible video of his Angel Falls can be found on Facebook under his name, Richard Dirc Pitt. Richard has collaborated with various US government intelligence agencies throughout his journey, lending his expertise and firsthand knowledge. He has braved unimaginable challenges, surviving different forms of torture and escaping from a Mexican prison—a testament to his tenacity and resilience. While Richard’s life has been chronicled by other authors, “Night Cruiser” marks his much-anticipated debut novel, where he makes his remarkable entry into the world of literature. With a writing background that includes updating flight standards for the USAF and contributing to United Airlines’ DC-8 tutorial program, Richard brings a wealth of technical expertise and attention to detail to his storytelling